Summer update: Bridge Square redesign

This Concepts for a Future Bridge Square blog has been dormant since the third and final planning open house/community session in May.

John Slack briefly presented a draft of his summary (A Future Vision for Bridge Square, May 2014) to the City Council on June 17 (minutes here) which the Council voted unanimously to receive and file.

Future Vision for Bridge Square - Draft - May, 2014

There was some discussion about having him return at a later date for a full presentation but that would likely be dependent on the priorities of the new Northfield City Administrator and the City Council.

Four alternative design concepts for the redesign of Bridge Square – presentation and comments

At the third and final planning open house/community session last Wednesday, project consultant John Slack presented four alternative designs for the redesign of Bridge Square.

View John Slack’s Powerpoint presentation via PDF (large 6MB file) or Slideshare:

John Slack labeled his four design alternatives:

  • Alternative A – “UNIFICATION”
  • Alternative B – “LIVELY”
  • Alternative C – “ELEGANT”
  • Alternative D – “DYNAMIC”

View the four Bridge Square design concepts via PDF (large 35MB file) or via Slideshare:

Final Bridge Square planning project open house set for May 14

The third of three public open houses/community sessions to engage the public in creating a master planning update for Northfield’s Bridge Square is now scheduled for Wednesday, May 14, 2014, 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., in the 2nd Floor Training of Northfield City Hall.

John Slack at Dec. 9 Bridge Square open house

As for the previous two sessions (see the Oct 23rd open house summary and the Dec. 9th open house summary), project consultant John Slack will be presenting. There will be ample time for questions and discussion.

Here’s the press release that was emailed by the City of Northfield to several dozen ‘stakeholders’ on April 25:


Redux: publicizing our Bridge Square publicity

PublicityBack in October, I published a post to the blog titled Publicizing our publicity for the Bridge Square planning process.

The idea is that by publicly documenting what’s we’re doing to get the word out, we can A) get suggestions on what else we should be doing to promote the project; and B) point to our efforts if and when the day comes that someone says, “How come I didn’t know about this planning process?”

We’ve continued to use the publicity channels listed in that post and added a few more. Here’s a rundown:

If you’ve got other suggestions on what we should be doing to publicize this project, attach a comment.

Northfield Bridge Square straw poll results (196 responses)

Bridge Square online straw poll results

Above: You can view/download the 53-page complete report on the results of the Northfield Bridge Square straw poll (PDF, 196 responses) with the open-ended comments included.

Below: You can also page through the results via the Slideshare version:

REMINDER: a straw poll is an informal unscientific survey of those who ‘show up.’ See my Nov. 20 blog post that explains the rationale for it.
DISCUSSION OF THE RESULTS: I’ll launch some discussion about the straw poll results in the comments section attached to this post.  But if you’ve got something you’d like to discuss, don’t hesitate to chime in.  The comments are threaded, which means you can comment on a comment, but don’t worry about correct placement, as I can move them.

Dec. 9 Bridge Square community workshop and open house – presentation and comments

DSC05434  Bridge Square dots DSC05515

Approximately 35 people attended the Dec. 9th Bridge Square community workshop and open house in the Archer House River Inn’s Riverside Conference Room. After the Powerpoint presentation (see below) by John Slack and Marcia Klopf, attendees had  the opportunity to help define a vision for the future of Bridge Square contribute their ideas for improvement.

Bridge Square open house visioning worksheet - Dec 9 2013 Bridge Square open house questionnaire - Dec 9 2013 Bridge Square open house responses - Dec 9 2013

Above: the visioning worksheet (left), questionnaire (center), and the responses (right).

John Slack Marcia Klopf

Here’s the Powerpoint that John Slack and Marcia Klopf used in their presentation. (A webinar video of the presentation is available here.)

Photo album: Dec. 9 Bridge Square community workshop and open house

Approximately 35 people attended last night’s Bridge Square community workshop and open house in the Archer House River Inn’s Riverside Conference Room.

I’ve have another blog post with the Powerpoint presentation, plus a transcript of the written comments, but in the meantime, see the large slideshow of 54 photos (recommended) or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow:


Register now for the Bridge Square live web conference, Wed. Dec. 11, 7 pm

Registration: Web conference, Bridge Square Open House, Dec. 11, 7 pm


Bridge Square webinar panelists

On Wednesday, Dec. 11 at 7 pm, we’re hosting a live web conference that’s intended to replicate some of the Dec. 9 Bridge Square Open House. To participate (comment or ask questions), you’ll need to register.

And if you miss the event, we’ll have a video of the presentation archived here on the blog within a day or two.

Got questions? Attach a comment or contact me.

Take the Bridge Square straw poll

Northfield Bridge Square straw poll

Our Northfield Bridge Square straw poll is ready! It only takes 5 minutes to complete, unless of course, you choose to include comments with it.

For rationale and background, see the Nov. 20 blog post: Help design the Bridge Square straw poll.

And be sure to either attend the Dec. 9th Open House or the Dec. 11 web conference.