Sixth St. reconstruction: Sidewalks planned for both sides of streets

Sixth St sidewalk encroachmentAt the Feb. 18 City Council meeting, Assistant Public Works Director/Assistant City Engineer Brian Erickson, and Joe Stapf, Public Works Director/City Engineer included some information about sidewalk policies in their request (PDF) to the Council.

Some residents of the Sixth St. neighborhood have expressed some concerns about the plans for sidewalks, so this blog post is both an attempt to draw attention to the issue and invite people to attach questions and comments to the post.

Another item of concern is we have also encountered a conflict between sidewalk policies. One policy is reflected in what staff understands to be the standard practice of installing sidewalk on both sides of a street when performing reconstruction projects.

However, we have come upon a little used policy which establishes one additional constraint, and which indicates sidewalk should not be installed within 25 feet of an adjoining structure.

In a few cases on this project, if the sidewalk is installed as normally done, it will encroach upon that 25 foot limit. The areas of concern are two blocks on the north side of Sixth Street (between Nevada and the Park, and between College and Winona, respectively), and both sides of Winona between Sixth and Seventh.

Most (but not necessarily all) residents in those four areas are aware of this conundrum, as it has been a topic of discussion at the neighborhood meetings, and we expect at least two residents will be present at the City Council meeting to express their opposition to the installation of sidewalk.

It should be noted at this time we have still included on the plans the sidewalk in those areas, which is of course subject to confirmation by the City Council.

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