Sixth St. reconstruction: No plans to stripe for bicycle traffic

Jefferson Rd bike stripingAt the Feb. 18 City Council meeting, Assistant Public Works Director/Assistant City Engineer Brian Erickson, and Joe Stapf, Public Works Director/City Engineer included some information about striping for bicycle traffic in their request (PDF) to the Council.

This blog post is both an attempt to draw attention to the issue and invite people to attach questions and comments to the post.

Finally, staff reviewed options for striping the proposed 32 foot wide Sixth Street to accommodate bicycle traffic. Most local streets within the city are not striped unless they are part of the Municipal State Aid System, which Sixth Street is not.

Sixth Street is and will remain a dead end street upon completion of the project. In addition, the adopted Park, Open Space and Trail System Plan does not show any bike lanes on Sixth Street.

Striping Sixth Street as we have recently done on Maple, Prairie and Roosevelt is not really workable because those streets are much wider, and therefore more suited to the striping. Of course this does not mean bicycles are not welcome on Sixth Street. Bicyclists must simply obey the normal traffic laws. As a result upon review, Sixth Street should be left un-striped.

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