Photos: Sixth St. public hearing, Dec. 3

Improvement Hearing - Sixth St. Reconstruction, Dec. 3, 2013 02-DSC05300

Improvement Hearing – Sixth Street Reconstruction - Dec 3 2013 Assistant Public Works Director/Assistant City Engineer Brian Erickson Joe Stapf, Public Works Director/City Engineer

On Tuesday night, the City Council held the first public hearing on the Sixth St Reconstruction project. Assistant Public Works Director/Assistant City Engineer Brian Erickson made a brief presentation (PDF) and then both he and Joe Stapf, Public Works Director/City Engineer took questions from the Council.

Neil Lutsky Liz Reppe Vern Ripley Ann Maas

Four residents spoke at the public hearing: Neil Lutsky, Liz Reppe, Vern Ripley, Ann Maas.

Assistant Public Works Director/Assistant City Engineer Brian Erickson 10-DSC05325 11-DSC05330

Many others gathered in the hallway outside Council chambers afterwards to chat with each other and Brian.

One thought on “Photos: Sixth St. public hearing, Dec. 3

  1. Just to restate/clarify some of the staff comments at the Public Hearing, no design activity has started, yet. We have initiated preparation of what we call the base drawings, which only show existing conditions. The design of any proposed improvements has not started, nor will it until and unless the City Council authorizes that step. That discussion/action will not occur until the City Council’s meeting of January 7, 2014, at the earliest.

    Unfortunately, we always find that many people assume at this stage that everything is decided, plans are complete, and can’t be changed, etc., which is NOT the case. These initial steps–public meetings, the Improvement Hearing such as that held this past Tuesday evening–are all intended to gather information from affected property owners and residents, and anyobdy else, for that matter. PRIOR TO BEGINNING THE DETAILED DESIGN.

    It is important that everyone convey their concerns to us at this early stage so that we can address those concerns as best we can. Once the design is completed, we can still make changes but as the “Project Development” process progresses, making changes begins to become more and more difficult.

    The best advice is to speak to us early and often. People are welcome to call the Engineering office and speak to Brian, Sean or me at any time, or you can stop in, or now using this web site leave comments, or questions that everyone can see, and the answers to which everyone can possibly derive benefit.

    We really do encourage people to participate.

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