Landscaping begins for Sixth St. cul-de-sac and Old Memorial Park

Sixth St - Old Memorial Park landscaping March 13, 2014The landscaping adjacent to the Sixth St. cul-de-sac extends southeast into Old Memorial Park and will include rain gardens.  This revised sketch was part of the project bid that was approved by the Council back in May.  Landscaping has already begun and is scheduled to be completed by the end of October.

Sixth St/Old Memorial Park landscaping

Sixth St/Old Memorial Park landscaping

Summer update: Sixth St Reconstruction Project

The Sixth St Reconstruction Project blog has been dormant since April because there have no more meetings or policy-related issues. All construction-related news is being provided by the City’s Public Works staff via the Notify Me service. I’ll post some photos of the work on the new cul-de-sac at Old Memorial Park as that’s worked on later this fall.

Here’s an example of the Notify Me service updates on the project, this one from July 25:City of Northfield e-notification banner

A lot of work has been completed since the last update. First off, concrete crews were on-site early in the week, and finished up the remaining concrete work on all of Phase I. The remainder of the week, grading crews continued placing black dirt in the boulevards on the majority of Phase I. Testing crews were on-site working on getting the water tests for the new watermain completed.

Next week, testing crews expect to finish the testing of the new watermains on all of Phase I. Late next week, plumbing crews are expected to begin the process of hooking all homes on Phase I up to the new watermain and eliminating the temporary water system you have all grown accustomed to seeing in your front yards! Also, paving crews are possibly lined up for late next week to place the 1st lift of bituminous asphalt on all of Phase I.

City staff dropped off a tree list to properties on Phase I who will be getting new boulevard trees planted as part of the project. As stated in the letter, properties that have power line conflicts will be limited to trees that have a smaller mature growth height. Although I don’t foresee trees being planted for a few weeks, we would like to get a list of trees to the contractor to give them ample time to locate the trees that are needed.

As of right now, Phase II is expected to begin the week of August 4th. Later next week, the schedule for Phase II will be refined, and a newsletter will be mailed detailing the workflow for all of Phase II.

Have a great weekend!

Work on the Sixth St. Reconstruction project to begin this week. However…

Last Friday’s email newsletter (delivered via the City’s Notify Me service) included this:

As most of you already know, the project is slated to begin Monday April 28, 2014.  Traffic Control contractors will be on-site first thing Monday morning to install the traffic signs for all of Phase I.  Also on Monday, Heselton will work on getting the Temporary Water System constructed along Phase I, which is the blue pipes that are currently laying in the boulevard on the majority of Phase I.  Also next week, Heselton has their road reclamation sub-contractor scheduled to be on-site on Tuesday to reclaim (grind) off the existing road surface.  Heselton has indicated that the weather at the beginning of next week may not be conducive to the road surface reclaiming operation, so it may get pushed back to mid-week.


The forecast for the early part of this week does not look promising for the start of construction.


Sixth St. Reconstruction Project hosts individual meetings with 34 households

Sean SimonsonLast week, Northfield’s Engineering Technician Coordinator Sean Simonson held separate half-hour meetings with about 34 individual property owners to go over the proposed construction schedule, and discuss the effects of the project on their individual properties.  These meetings were the Neighborhood Tour that’s listed on page 2 of the Project Process document where it says:

Prior to the start of construction a walking tour of the project corridor will be taken. Individual meetings with property owners will be scheduled to go over the details of construction and document existing conditions.

Sean will be the Project Representative during construction and actively involved with resident communications, so he sent this April 8 letter to residents inviting them to set up these meetings.

Sixth St. Reconstruction Project Individual Meetings letter

Sixth St reconstruction project assessment hearing scheduled for April 15

Sixth St. Reconstruction Project assessment hearing

An assessment hearing for property owners is scheduled for next week, Tuesday April 15, 7 pm at City Hall. The Project Process specifies an assessment hearing

The purpose of this hearing is to give property owners an opportunity to express concerns about the actual special assessment. At the Assessment Hearing the City Council shall hear and consider all objections to the proposed assessment, whether presented orally or in writing.

The Assessment hearing letter was mailed to property owners on March 28, 2014, and an ad was placed in the Northfield News on March 29, 2014.

Sixth St. Reconstruction Project assessment hearing - roll

It has the details for each property owner:

The amount to be specially assessed against your particular lot, piece, or parcel of land is shown in the attachment to this notice.

Sixth St. reconstruction bids opened

City of Northfield Public Works staff opening bids for Sixth St. reconstruction project City of Northfield Public Works staff opening bids for Sixth St. reconstruction project

City of Northfield Public Works staff opened bids for the Sixth St. reconstruction project last week at City Hall.  The Northfield City Council is scheduled to accept the bids and award the contract at its April 1 meeting.

Contractors and bids:

Heselton Construction, LLC: $1,980,069.10
BCM Construction, Inc.: $1,985,556.75
Swenke Ims Contracting: $2,100,739.61
A-1 Excavating, Inc.: $2,249,293.00
Ryan Contracting Co.: $2,324,733.85

Photos: March 6th Sixth St reconstruction meeting with PRAB

Brian Erickson at neighborhood meeting for cul-de-sac plans Brian Erickson at neighborhood meeting for cul-de-sac plans Brian Erickson at PRAB meeting

Last week Assistant Public Works Director/Assistant City Engineer Brian Erickson hosted a neighborhood meeting prior to the PRAB meeting on the landscaping plans for the Sixth St. cul-de-sac at Old Memorial Park. He then met with the PRAB to update them on the project and engage in a little Q&A.


Photos: March 5th Sixth St reconstruction neighborhood meeting (third)

City of Northfield Public Works staff held a third and final neighborhood meeting at City Hall last week. Sean Simonson, Engineering Tech Coordinator, Assistant Public Works Director/Assistant City Engineer Brian Erickson, and Joe Stapf, Public Works Director/City Engineer were on hand to answer questions from property owners along the project corridor, including upcoming schedule, driveway access, tree removals, sidewalk construction, utility replacement, the final plan set, and the preliminary assessment roll.