Summer update on the three Northfield Citizen Engagement blogs

I’ve updated the Parking Management for Downtown Northfield blog and that’s likely the final blog post for the foreseeable future.

The Concepts for a Future Bridge Square blog has been dormant since the third and final planning open house/community session in May. I’m anticipating that there will be a final report/summary made to the City Council by the end of the year but that might be dependent on the priorities of the new Northfield City Administrator.

The Sixth St Reconstruction Project blog has been dormant since April because there have no more meetings or policy-related issues. All construction-related news is being provided by the City’s Public Works staff via the Notify Me service. I’ll post some photos of the landscaping around the new cul-de-sac at Old Memorial Park when that’s completed later this fall.


Blogsites for Bridge Square and Sixth St Reconstruction in full swing

Northfield Citizen Engagement - Concepts for a Future Bridge Square Northfield Citizen Engagement - Sixth St Reconstruction

I’ve added the final touches to the 2014 Sixth St Reconstruction Project blogsite. Publicity about it begins today; the blog posts are open for comments and questions.

The Concepts for a Future Bridge Square blogsite has been humming along for a few weeks. Open House #2 and the follow-up live web conference have been scheduled and all blog posts are open for comments and questions.

Multiple engagement projects on one site

There are two engagement projects ramping up this month: the development of a master plan for Bridge Square; and the 2014 reconstruction of 6th St. The Parking Management for Downtown Northfield engagement project ran from January-September of 2013. All three projects can be found on this site via the Engagement Projects menu option on the top navigation bar.

The new projects aren’t quite ready for prime-time, but they will be by mid-week.  If you notice any glitches, don’t hesitate to let me know via the Contact page.